Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another surgery tomorrow.......

Yes, you read that right!  Over the last week or so I have been experiencing a lot of pain on my right side and the tissue expander feels like it has rotated or something.  I can feel a hard edge across the front of my breasts along the incision scar.  I have NO clue what is going on under there but when I lay on my back, it seriously looks like an alien boob!  I am not joking!   This afternoon I was laying on my back watching TV and was feeling around on my breast when I discovered the odd misshaped mess that was going on.  LOL

I saw Dr. P on Tuesday and he agreed that it did feel and look a little strange but he didn't really know what could be causing it.  He suggested that we do an expansion to see if adding some saline solution into the expander would help the shape normalize.  Right after he finished the expansion it did look a little better and I went home hoping that we were on the right road and that the alien boob was just a temporary thing.

Unfortunately the way the hard edge was pushing up against my breast it felt like it had bruised the tissue inside and having the stupid expander moving against it really hurts.  I emailed Dr. P and he decided that he will take the right tissue expander out tomorrow morning. He told me that if everything looks pristine when they open me up, he will replace the tissue expander.  But, if there is any sign that there is a lingering infection he will not be putting anything else in there. Of course I am frustrated.  I don't understand why things are not improving.  I just want to start feeling better. :(

I will update you after the surgery, see you on the other side!!!

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