Monday, March 12, 2012

Disappointing news.....

Surgery went well, I guess.  I went to sleep and I woke up.....without a boob!  Of course, when he opened me up and took out the expander, the fluid in the pocket was cloudy/murky.  They are testing the fluid but he had to assume that there was lingering infection and could not put a new expander in.  So, once again I am lopsided and if I thought my right breast looked crazy before it looks even more disturbing now!

I was too groggy after the surgery to carry on a conversation with my surgeon but Josh spoke to him and passed on the information.  What he relayed to me was something I wasn't prepared to hear.  Basically he said it sounds like Dr. P has kind of thrown up his hands.  I guess that he is starting to think that this form of reconstruction is not going to work because it looks like my body is rejecting the expander's.  He is suggesting that I go with The DIEP flap (deep inferior epigastric perforator) procedure.  The DIEP is a tissue flap procedure that uses fat and skin from your tummy to create a new breast mound after a mastectomy. This procedure takes its name from the deep inferior epigastric perforator artery in your tummy area and is a form of autologous reconstruction -- a surgery that uses your own tissue. The surgery will take about 6-8 hours, will require a probably 5 day hospital stay and will be about a 4-6 week recovery.  This is a MUCH bigger surgery than I had ever imagined having to endure during this journey.  My doctor will  be sending me to University of Washington Medical Center for this surgery.  They are among the few places in the Northwest able to offer surgeons with DIEP flap expertise; patients come to the hospital specifically for this procedure. So at least I know that I am going to be in VERY good hands.

Thank you to everyone once again for your continued prayer and support!  Love you all!

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