Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pre Op Appointment

7:02 am  
    I'm sitting on the ferry waiting to head over to Seattle.  Today I have my pre op appointment and also have to do an abdominal CT scan.  I guess during the scan they use dye to locate the main artery and veins that they will connect to my tissue during the surgery.
    Just 13 days until the the big surgery.  I've had a lot of anxiety the last week or so.  Its becoming real that its right around the corner.  This is the big one, and its a little scary.  Josh will only be home for the first week or so after my surgery so I won't have the support around the house afterward and that worries me.  

10:13 am
     The CT scan went well.  The dye causes a weird feeling.  A warm feeling starts at your head and really heats up between your legs, which makes you feel like you are actually peeing on yourself.  Oh yes, LOADS of fun!
      I visited the gift shop on the way through to get food.  I picked myself up a new breast cancer awareness bracelet.  I have a hard time passing up Breast Cancer products, especially when donations are made with each purchase.  After I left the gift shop I stopped at the cafeteria and grabbed breakfast.  I couldn't eat before the CT scan so my tummy was a growlin.  Feeling much better now.

10:49 am
      Sitting in the Surgical Specialties Clinic.  I'm way early for my 11:30 appointment, but I found some Avon catalogs on one of the side tables so it's time to start shopping!!  Josh just showed up so it will be nice to have him in the room when they are giving me all the info today.  I am in a daze and he is so good at remembering details.

1:00 pm
      The appointment went well.  I didn't actually get to see my surgeon, it was a Resident I believe.  I am a little disappointed about that, but I guess I just need to keep the faith in my surgeon and the hospital staff.  The Resident went over the way things are going to happen.  This is going to be a really tough recovery.  They gave me a thick folder of reading materials and told me that I would hear from someone on Friday to tell me when my check in time would be.  This is really happening!!

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