Friday, May 18, 2012

PLEASE tell me its a mistake!!!!

Josh is telling me not to worry, that is most likely a big mistake, but how can I NOT worry.  When I opened the letter my eyes seemed to scan directly to the words "Bilateral Breast Reconstruction with DIEP.......our physician/peer review have DENIED request."  I instantly felt sick to my stomach and my heart start racing.  I could hear my voice screaming in my head "This CAN'T be"!  Not after all the last eight months of enduring HORRIBLE pain, my body getting through numerous infections, not after FINALLY feeling like the end of this terrible ordeal was possibly in sight.

I know he is probably right.  They wouldn't have scheduled my surgery if they hadn't gotten the approval right?  I know they had called and told me that they needed me to contact Dr P and have him send them a referral for the actual procedure because they only referral they had was just for the consult.  He emailed me and told me that he had sent what they said they needed.  UWMC sent me a letter with my upcoming appointments on there, so this HAS to be a mistake.

I will have to go through the weekend TRYING not to worry........sure. :(  Lots of prayers and positive thoughts would be appreciated.  I really need this to be a mistake.

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